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As we enter week six of this year’s state lawmaking session, our legislative roundtable series continues with an in-depth look at how our legislators are addressing public education. After fierce partisan debate, last week, the Florida House approved a sweeping public education bill (HB 7055) that creates a new private-school voucher program. The nearly 200 page bill also makes a broad spectrum of other changes on everything from school testing to how much public funding charter schools can receive. We’ll hear voices from both sides of that debate.


Plus, we sit down with Constitutional Law expert, Professor Pamela Seay from FGCU’s Department of Justice Studies for a closer look at bills moving in the legislature that may raise red flags when it comes to potential conflicts with the U.S. Constitution.


Archival photos courtesy of Mme. Christine Argillet

Paintings by the famous surrealist Salvador Dali are well known throughout the world, as was the late artist’s reputation for eccentric behavior, but what was Dali like behind the scenes?  We will talk with Madame Christine Argillet, whose father, Pierre Argillet, was Dali’s close friend and publisher for roughly half a century.  As a result, Madame Argillet had the unique experience of spending her childhood summers from age 6 to 17 living next door to the iconic artist in Port Lligat, Catalonia, Spain.  

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As tax documents start showing up in mailboxes across southwest Florida we thought it was time to bring in a couple of experts to help listeners out. We’re joined by Kim Swanson, she’s a Crime Prevention Practitioner with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, to discuss the kinds of tax frauds and scams that are out there these days. She’ll guide us through what to watch out for, and best ways to protect our identities during tax season. We’re also joined by Patrice Cunningham, she’s United Way Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program Manager. She’ll help us break down the local resources available to help low-income individuals and families prepare their taxes for free.

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This is turning out to be one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory, and the incidences of flu continue to rise in southwest Florida. We’re joined by Dr. Mary Beth Saunders, she’s Lee Health System’s Medical Director for Epidemiology and Infection Prevention. We’ll get an update on the current numbers, as well as ways folks can protect themselves from the influenza virus. And we’ll explore best practices for caring for a loved one who has come down with the flu.

A University of Florida researcher has found three species of mosquitoes feeding on Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades. Lawrence Reeves, a post-doctoral researcher at the UF/IFAS Florida Medical Entomology Lab in Vero Beach, says he and his team have recovered python DNA from the blood meals of those mosquitoes, and that it may be possible to detect the presence of the snakes using the technique. We'll learn more about his research and plans going forward.