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Rip currents seem to be making headlines frequently this summer; from the viral eighty-person human chain in Florida’s panhandle which saved a family of ten in the gulf, to the tragic story just this week of a grandfather and son in law who drowned in Texas.

An Update on Abigail

Aug 8, 2017

In February, we brought you the story of a three-year-old pit bull mix- who was believed to have been used as a bait dog in an illegal and barbaric dogfighting ring. She was rescued, but not before her ear and half of her face was mangled by other dogs who—it’s believed—were being trained to fight using her as a kind of punching bag.  

Laughlin Air Force Base

Who knew planning your personal or business finances could be so treacherous? Apparently, there are Seven Deadly Sins of finance and this weekend the Above Board Chamber of Commerce is putting on a panel presentation to make sure you don’t commit any of them.

Photo: FGCU via Facebook

After nearly a decade at the helm of Florida Gulf Coast University, president Dr. Wilson Bradshaw is stepping down at the end of June.

Before his tenure at FGCU, Dr. Bradshaw found himself linked to fundamental changes in Florida’s educational and cultural worlds. As a high school freshman, he was one of the first seven students to desegregate Central Junior High in West Palm Beach; he credits his mother for making him a part of that pioneering group. That change was mirrored across the gradually desegregating community, and in black communities across Florida.

The first in his family to graduate college, Mike Martin worked in higher education his entire career, watching as its role in society evolves, all the while rising through the ranks to lead schools large and small. Now he is president of FGCU in Southwest Florida, a school that saw booming growth recently, and is now on a steadier path to increase in size and graduation rates.