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PETA / Wikimedia Commons

As we head into the final week of Florida’s 2018 lawmaking session, our legislative roundtable series continues today with a series of conversations about hot-button issues, ranging from gun control to women’s reproductive rights to animal welfare.


We twist classical music with modern popular music for a trip to the upcoming Southwest Florida Symphony performance “Brahms vs. Radiohead” which will be this Saturday. This performance will combine all four movements of Brahms’s First Symphony (1887) with Radiohead’s album “OK Computer” (1997) complete with vocals. We'll talk with the composer of the symphonic mash-up, Steven Hackman, about what inspired him to combine music from different centuries, and we'll speak with Amy Ginsburg, the local symphony director, who heard the music and thought, “I want that to come to Southwest Florida.”

Vivre Couture

Fashion takes center stage at the seventh annual “Art Walks the Runway” next week at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers. The event includes three days of music, dance performances, a contortionist, and of course, visually stunning runway shows featuring couture from both international and local designers. The event runs March 8-10 and will feature hot new designs from Vivre Couture, Marmar Halim, Diana Couture and Usama Ishtay. Local boutiques and designers will also be featured including Forema, Saratoga Sundress, Hollie’s Boutique and local artist Frankie Colt’s new line, Cobra Empire. We’ll get an inside look at the upcoming event with host and producer Melissa Tschari DeHaven.

Smart phones have become ubiquitous since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. They connect us to the world in ways we could hardly have dreamed of just a couple decades ago. But, they are still relatively new on the tech scene, and their potential effects on us, and our brains, are not fully understood. And today’s parents now face questions like, “is there such a thing as a ‘right time’ to give a child their own smart phone,” or just “how much screen time is appropriate” for young people? We’re joined by three national experts to explore what research is telling us about these questions, and more.

Florida produces the majority of the nation's domestic winter strawberry crop, so we're marking National Strawberry Day with with Dr. Vance Whitaker, an associate professor of horticultural sciences at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Whitaker, who leads the UF/IFAS strawberry breeding program, will discuss the breeding program's long history, and the role strawberries play in the state’s agriculture industry.