An orchestra from Cuba is making its South Florida debut amidst changing relations between it and the U.S.

The Havana Lyceum Orchestra is on its first tour throughout the U.S. and will be performing Friday at the New World Center in Miami Beach.

The orchestra is one of the country’s most prominent classical music groups composed of conservatory students, graduates and music teachers.

With about half of the members of the orchestra, violinist Maiin Hau has been touring the east coast: New York, Philadelphia, Boston, now Miami Beach.


The casualties when arts funding is cut goes beyond entertainment and creative genius according to a new study from the Americans for the Arts, local economies are impacted as well. The study is called “Arts and Economic Prosperity” and it looks at how many jobs are created by the arts, how much money is generated as a result of arts programs, and what amount local governments end up receiving in return for an investment in the arts.

Chuck Coker via Flickr

From the fountain of youth to the Skunk Ape, Florida’s folklore is rich and sometimes pungent.  Few know that better than Dr. Caren Neile- a professional storyteller and the Director of the South Florida Storytelling Project.

She’ll share some of Florida’s memorable tales this week at the Marco Island Historical Society, and in advance of that performance, we’ll have a sneak preview on Gulf Coast Live.

Photo/images: Lee Bennet Hopkins, Harper Collins

Cape Coral author and poet Lee Bennett Hopkins was inducted in Frebruary into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Robert Rauschenberg, Ernest Hemingway, and Burt Reynolds. He's be the first such honored artist from Lee County. 

This month’s Versed in Florida is with poet Kelly Canaday of Naples. She’s a student at Florida Gulf Coast University where she’s majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing.  She’s also co-president of FGCU’s Creative Writing Club.  In today’s selection, Canaday draws from the works and style of writers including John Updike, Piers Anthony and Jim Morrison to explore post-modernist themes on the way our minds work and how we perceive reality and meaning.  We began our discussion exploring a bit about the writing process itself and how the audience comes into play in the mind of the writer when first putting pen to paper.