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  After Striking the Set, a Letter to a Director


for Brittney

After the actors have shed their lines, after

the tech crew has struck the set, walking to their cars

in the after-matinee sun, a single overwhelming light

that flattens their dimension, they become

something like shoddy, lesser ghosts, whose sins in walking

the earth are, well, pedestrian:  a dropped line, a scene of acting,

a forgotten sound cue, a misplaced prop.  The chains

“Fireflies” ENCORE

May 13, 2016
Quit007 via Wikimedia Creative Commons

This week’s encore installment from News Press storyteller Amy Bennett Williams recalls a gift of nature’s night-time magic that was common in nostalgic memories from a childhood lived in the Midwest. It’s something she thought she’d lost upon moving to southwest Florida, but it turns out you just have to know where to look.

Ringling Opens New Center For Asian Art On Sunday

May 12, 2016
Roger Wollstadt

The Ringling is well known for its art collections. This weekend it's celebrating the opening of its Center for Asian Art.

Continental Drift

May 10, 2016

Author Russell Banks was born in Massachusetts but makes his home six months a year in Miami Beach. His fiction has won numerous awards and prizes over a forty year career. He was twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Our book reviewer, Sally Bissell, has this story about Bank’s book “Continental Drift.”


May 6, 2016
Amy Bennett Williams

News-Press storyteller Amy Bennett William’s rural Alva homestead is home to a colorful cast of avian characters including a flock of free range chickens, ducks and even a goose. This week’s encore essay from Williams details the life of one particularly well-mannered and brave rooster who could hold court over the entire motley crew.