Arts and culture

Man in the Blue Moon by Michael Morris

Sep 25, 2012

Fifth generation Floridian and author Michael Morris is out with a new book.  Man in the Blue Moon  is set in Apalachicola at the turn of the last century.  Linda Fasulo has our review.

Castro’s Daughter by David Hagberg

Sep 18, 2012

Sarasota resident David Hagberg is the author of more than seventy suspense novels.   Linda Fasulo has our review of his latest “Castro’s Daughter”.

Local movers, shakers, singers and dancers had their chance to chew the ears of a national arts commission on Friday.

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences is on a mission from Congress to figure out how to incorporate arts and humanities into everything from government to education to the private sector.

Miami-Dade College was the 4th stop on a nation-wide series of panels. And an array of South Floridian cultural leaders gave testimony.

Fly on the Wall by Mike Hirsh

Sep 11, 2012

Charlotte County writer Mike Hirsh is known for his non-fiction – including “Terri…the Truth” which he co-wrote with her husband Michael Schiavo. But not he’s turned his talent to fiction. Linda Fasulo has our review of Fly on the Wall.

The Mirrored World, by Debra Dean

Sep 4, 2012

The  newest novel from  Miami based writer Debra Dean takes the reader into the heart of Mother Russia with The Mirrored World a fictionalized account of the life of Saint Zenia of St. Petersburg.  Linda Fasulo has our review.