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Earlier this year, photographer Carlton Ward Junior and three colleagues embarked on a trip to bring attention to the need to connect Florida's remaining wild areas before it's too late. They called it the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition. Tonight Ward will host the first public exhibition of his photographs taken during that 100-day, 1,000-mile trip.

South Florida plays host to a lot of reality TV shows. You can get an inside look at everything from tattoo parlors to the lives of Miami's real housewives and now the Miami International Airport.

Airport 24/7: Miami premiered on the Travel Channel Tuesday night.

Miami-Dade Aviations Department spokesman Greg Chin said, “This is really the first time a US airport is being seen on national TV and everything that goes on behind the scenes. So, it's really unprecedented access for a TV show."

Some works feature the trademark surrealistic flair that could only come from the brush of Salvador Dali. Others are from so early in his career that they don’t look like his trademark work. And none have been on display in the U.S. Now art lovers on this side of the Atlantic will get their first look at 12 works by Dali. Salvador Dali Museum senior curator William Jeffett eyes an early work by Dali, appropriately titled "Abstract Composition."

“It has traces of figuration, and at the same time, it looks like a completely abstract painting.” Said Jeffett.

With the fall political season upon us, we’ll explore the newest exhibit at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates titled “Edison & Ford Editorial Cartoons: Then and Now.”  We’ll take a look at the role of editorial cartoons throughout the history  with a focus on Ft. Myers own Thomas Edison and Hendry Ford.  

Man in the Blue Moon by Michael Morris

Sep 25, 2012

Fifth generation Floridian and author Michael Morris is out with a new book.  Man in the Blue Moon  is set in Apalachicola at the turn of the last century.  Linda Fasulo has our review.