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Nick Adams

We're joined by Liza Jayne Longenhagen, she's starring as Helen Keller in Florida Repertory Theatre's current production of The Miracle Worker. She got her start earlier this year playing Scout in the theatre's production of To Kill a Mockingbird. As part of her research for the role, the fifth grader took a trip to the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine with actress Betsy Hogg, who is playing her teacher Anne Sullivan in the show, as well as the play's director Maureen Heffernan. Both Hogg and Heffernan will join the show as well.

000 - Richard Chin Quee

Feb 19, 2018

A Fort Myers local, Richard Chin Quee has been working in audio for most of his life. While finishing a Computer Science degree at FGCU in 2006, he leveraged his music and sound experience to get a job at WGCU, and has been working in news radio ever since. He's currently the director of programming at the station, the director of WGCU's daily talk show Gulf Coast Live, and the producer/director/co-creator of Three Song Stories.

Episode 1: An Introduction

Feb 15, 2018

In the premiere episode of Grape Minds, hosts Julie Glenn and Gina Birch introduce listeners to the culture and history of wine.

Courtesy of News-Press Archives

This week, we pay homage to the late photographer Charlie McCullough.  A retrospective exhibition of his work opened Feb. 8 at Tower Gallery on Sanibel Island and the Community House on Sanibel will host a screening of a documentary about McCullough and his work titled, “Postcards & Photos from Sanibel – the Sequel” on March 19.

Archival photos courtesy of Mme. Christine Argillet

Paintings by the famous surrealist Salvador Dali are well known throughout the world, as was the late artist’s reputation for eccentric behavior, but what was Dali like behind the scenes?  We will talk with Madame Christine Argillet, whose father, Pierre Argillet, was Dali’s close friend and publisher for roughly half a century.  As a result, Madame Argillet had the unique experience of spending her childhood summers from age 6 to 17 living next door to the iconic artist in Port Lligat, Catalonia, Spain.