Liam Quinn

The Audubon Florida’s Eagle Watch Program is one of the most popular citizen science programs in the state, and you could become part of it. This Thursday the statewide director of the program will be in town for volunteer training at the Southwest Florida Masonic Center in Fort Myers. 

Florida wildlife officials are highlighting sandhill cranes as well as better ways for the public to coexist with the threatened bird species.

On holidays like the Fourth of July, Floridians like to head to the beach. But state wildlife officials are reminding the public that some local residents are already there.

Shorebirds and sea turtles nest on beaches. A lot of shorebird species are listed as threatened and all the bird species are protected. The same goes for sea turtles.

Loud noises can cause adult birds to fly away from nests, and tiny chicks can get separated from their parents.

Thousands of people drive by one of the best birding areas in Sarasota County every day without even knowing it. 

Quincy J. Walters / WGCU News

There's a legal dispute on Fort Myers Beach between those who protect birds and people who want to build a boardwalk.  Florida's Department of Environmental Protection has issued an intent to permit the construction of the boardwalk through a Critical Wildlife Area.