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Students across the country walked out of school Friday in remembrance of the victims of the Columbine shooting and all the victims of gun violence in the 19 years since.

In Southwest Florida, dozens gathered at the Charlotte County courthouse to demand stricter gun laws of their representatives, including U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, whose district office is in the building.

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Meeting in some form since 1962, the Florida Conference of Historians covers all historical fields and gives historians in and of the Sunshine State the opportunity to share their scholarship and new developments in the field.

A federally-recognized non-profit, the group now includes more than thirty colleges, universities, and other institutions. This year's 57th annual conference is being hosted by Florida Southwestern State College and meeting in Punta Gorda this weekend, and is free and open to the public.

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The longest serving county emergency manager in the State of Florida retires today. Charlotte County Commissioners are marking the day by declaring Friday "Wayne Sallade Day."

Sheriff website, and Facebook campaign page

Charlotte County residents will decide Tuesday whether or not to re-elect their current sheriff, Rep. Bill Prummell. He’s completing his first term. Prummell is being challenged by local Dem. Jim Melo.

Charlotte County will choose its Republican candidate for sheriff on Aug. 30. The race includes an incumbent looking for a second term, a retired law enforcement veteran and a Punta Gorda police officer.