Florida pediatricians want to talk with the state about how the Affordable Care Act can help children. But state officials won’t do it because of a billion-dollar lawsuit with a ruling due any day.

The Agency for Health Care Administration rejected a request from the Florida Pediatric Society to discuss how the state will implement the federal health-care overhaul. Former state lawmaker Sam Bell, a lobbyist for the pediatricians' group, said Florida should consider its half-a-million uninsured children.

Ft. Myers Mayor Randy Henderson is taking part in the United States Conference of Mayors campaign to help end childhood obesity.  The mayor recorded a PSA to help raise awareness of the issue.

“Do you know that one in six children in our country is obese? Being overweight puts kids at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many other diseases.  Let’s encourage kids in Ft. Myers to engage in healthy, balanced lifestyles,” the PSA reads.

Mayor Henderson goes on to encourage adults to get active with their kids to set a good example.    

221 children with severe disabilities are living in Florida nursing homes, state regulators said Wednesday.

In a conference call, they disputed accusations by the U.S. Department of Justice that they're violating the civil rights of these children by keeping them in nursing homes.

Federal officials say they could be cared for at home, if the state provided enough support for their parents and caregivers.

Instead, the state has cut the budget and turned down $40 million in grants designed to help people live in their own homes.

A new federal policy aims to keep the American dream alive for young undocumented immigrants. Details on “deferred action for childhood arrivals” – who’s eligible, who’s not and what does it really mean? We’re joined by two immigration attorneys, and a student who hopes to make the policy work for him.

Farah Dosani

Jennifer Lee and her four year-old daughter Kristin check out the Halloween candy she brought home from school.

"Arlin was so sad that he couldn't go trick-or-treating that I promised him we wouldn't go either", reminded Lee to her daughter. "No, he couldn't go, because he was in the hospital, right?"

"No", answered Kristen.

Lee's seven-year-old son Arlin has been in a behavioral hospital in Orlando for almost two weeks. He lives with bipolar disorder and had reached a crisis point. The single mom drove her son three hours away from their Cape Coral home to get help.