Most students who receive Bright Futures scholarships would have to stay in Florida after graduation or pay back the money under a law proposed in Tallahassee.  The law would take effect with the 2014-15 school year.

The bill filed by Republican Representative Jimmie Smith says a graduate must stay and work in Florida six months for every semester the Bright Futures scholarship is used.

When Shakira Lockett got to Miami Dade College fresh out of Coral Gables High School ... she had to take remedial courses in reading writing and math.

If you fail a class twice, tuition more than doubles. That's what happened to Shakira after she failed reading two times.

Governor Rick Scott on Monday issued a challenge to Florida's twenty-eight state colleges: Come up with four-year degrees that are both affordable and will get the graduate a job.

State colleges are the schools that used to be known as community colleges.

Scott, who opposes tuition increases, told WCOA Radio in Pensacola he's asked the colleges to come up with options.

State won't Appeal Immigrant Tuition Ruling

Nov 6, 2012

The state will not appeal a court ruling that found it unconstitutional to charge out-of-state tuition to legal Florida residents whose parents are undocumented. The decision by the State Board of Education Tuesday means students can pay in-state tuition starting in January.

Five U.S. citizens sued over being forced to pay higher tuition because of their parents’ legal status.

Board member John Padget said the presidents of Broward College and other institutions are ready to abide by the judge’s ruling. 

College Debt Scares Students Away

Sep 6, 2012

Broward Community College has seen a 40% drop in students taking out federally subsidized loans.

This summer the youth advocacy group Generation Opportunity surveyed 18-29 year olds in Florida about loans and college.

About 65% said its more important to have a full time job at graduation than to have low student loan interest rates.