Universities around the state of Florida are reviewing their budget for the next year and mental health services remain a priority.

State College Cuts Spur Calls For Budget Veto

May 29, 2017

Upset over a $30 million cut in remedial education funding, state-college advocates are asking Gov. Rick Scott to veto a $1.2 billion portion of the state budget, forcing lawmakers to revamp the spending plan for the 28 colleges.

As more than 6,000 students received their degrees from the University of South Florida this weekend, school officials were urging the Tampa Bay area community to call Florida lawmakers who made a last-minute change to the qualifications for universities to receive "preeminence status." 

It's a move that stands to take away more than $10 million from USF. 

Florida public universities and colleges may be able to hold secret searches for new leaders.

Florida legislators are considering whether to keep secret searches for university and college presidents.