A man told Tampa police he killed his two roommates because they were neo-Nazis who disrespected his recent conversion to Islam, and investigators found bomb-making materials and Nazi propaganda after he led them to the bodies.

Photo: Pixabay via Public Domain

Calling Florida's criminal justice system "broken," and pointing to high rates of re-incarceration and growing costs to keep inmates in prison, the Florida ACLU and Lee County NAACP  are sponsoring a public forum Thursday night in Fort Myers to discuss reform.


Scams targeting Southwest Florida's senior residents are common, but few seniors believe they could ever be taken. That’s why the Punta Gorda police department has initiated a community-wide project encouraging young and old to be alert for signs that elderly persons are possibly being exploited.

Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown has been found guilty of mail and wire fraud. She   lost her congressional district to Tallahassee Democrat Al Lawson last year amid an investigation into her ties with a charity that ultimately led to federal corruption charges.

Photo: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office via Tampa Bay Times

Nearly 500 felony arrests for juvenile auto theft, more than one arrest per day. Nearly two-thirds of all auto arrests for kid under the age of 18. Even if they're caught, most kids spend just hours in detention. Those are the findings of a data-driven investigation by the Tampa Bay Times into what's being called an "epidemic" of car thefts in Pinellas County.