Department of Juvenile Justice

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Records from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice show Orange County processes the highest number of juvenile arrests statewide, and most of those arrests are felonies charged to black boys. Reporter Renata Sago at WMFE in Orlando documented the journey of three young men, each charged with felonies, and their paths through the juvenile justice system in a five-part series called "Young and Arrested."

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If a juvenile’s first offense is a minor crime in Florida, officers don’t have to make an arrest. They have the option of handing out what’s known as a civil citation, an alternative to arrest that doesn’t mar their record.

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Hundreds of cases of human trafficking are reported in Florida every year, and a new report from 2016 shows the number of human trafficking cases in the state doubled in the last year.

The vast majority of trafficked persons in Florida are young women, and sex trafficking is the most common form of human trafficking in the state, according to a report from Florida's Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Children and Families.

Authorities are investigating after a 17-year-old died at a South Florida drug treatment center for delinquent youths.

The head of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice says the state will no longer contract with a private provider operating several programs throughout Florida. The issue came up during the recent legislative session.