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A Southwest Florida matchmaker brings her skills to Gulf Coast Live this Valentine’s Day, with tips for all ages when it comes to the region's dating scene.

Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., Mimi Lee with MyTopMatchmaker.com explains how she matches singles from Naples to Sarasota, and offers tips for navigating the dating scene in Southwest Florida.

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Divorce can be a draining experience, both emotionally and financially, but experts say it doesn’t have to be that way. “Collaborative” divorce is an increasingly popular approach to ending a marriage that brings together therapists, attorneys and financial planners together to lessen the burden of a split. 

TALLAHASSEE — For the second time in three years, Gov. Rick Scott has vetoed a controversial alimony proposal, this time blaming an even more-contentious child custody component included in the latest bill.

Senate Passes Divisive Alimony, Child Custody Revisions

Mar 8, 2016

An emotionally charged bill revising alimony and child custody law passed the state Senate on Friday, moving a step closer to becoming law after several years of unsuccessful attempts.

Divorce, and the resulting fallout from the breakup of a family, generates a lot of conversation in the Florida legislature. And for the past several years, issues like alimony, child support and custody have brought droves of people to the state capitol. Now a massive family law proposal is heading to the Senate floor.