Doctor-Patient Gun Law

Florida is no longer the only state that regulates what doctors say to their patients about guns.

A new U.M. student-led research group hopes to start doing the type of analysis and research that simply does not yet exist in Miami-Dade when it comes to understanding the causes and networks around gun violence from a public health perspective.

The new Gun Violence Research Advocacy Program hosted a discussion on Thursday along with trauma surgeons and local gun violence survivors.

“Night after night, it gets tiring and frustrating and overwhelming to meet survivors of gun violence,” said Dr. Rishi Rattan, a trauma surgeon.

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against Florida in the so-called Docs vs. Glocks case. 

‘Docs v. Glocks’ Law Faces Key Court Test

Jun 21, 2016

Five years after Florida lawmakers passed what became known as the "docs v. glocks" law, a full federal appeals court will hear arguments Tuesday in a constitutional dispute that pits physicians against gun-rights advocates.

State Says Court Should Reject 'Docs V. Glocks' Challenge

May 18, 2016

With a closely watched hearing little more than a month away, state attorneys have filed a final brief arguing that physicians have not shown they have legal standing to challenge Florida's controversial "docs vs. glocks" law.