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About 7,000 delegates from across the country have converged on Washington D.C. for the National Education Association’s 154th annual meeting and 95th Representative Assembly.  Through July 7, delegates are working to establish the association’s budget for the next year, hear concerns from members and tackle nationwide hot button issues ranging from standardized testing to the Presidential election.  On Tuesday, attendees heard from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  WGCU’s John Davis recently spoke with Florida Education Association President Joanne McCall whose attending the meeting and says school safety and gun control will once again be a priority on the heels of the Orlando nightclub mass shooting.

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Florida records indicate that as much as 40 percent of new teachers in Florida leave the profession or go on to teach in another state within their first five years of teaching.  Florida’s overall educator attrition rate of 15-20 percent is higher than the national average.  We’ll take a closer look at why teachers in Florida and around the nation are leaving the profession and their frustrations with the job.  

Florida is home to some of the country's largest school districts but according to a report from the Florida Department of Education, it doesn't have enough teachers.

That means school districts are coming up with new ways to fill vacancies.

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In 2012, Florida lawmakers added an hour to the school day at 100 elementary schools with the lowest test scores in the state. The goal of the program was to give students a boost in reading. But scores haven’t changed enough to know whether the extended day is helping.

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Thursday marked the last day of class at Manatee County’s Duette Elementary School - literally. It’s the end of an era as the one-room school house in the farming community about 40 miles outside of Bradenton closes for the last time.  Duette is the last one-room school house in Florida and had been one of only 27 left operating in the U.S.