Michael Hirsh


If you’ve driven down U.S. 41 in Lee or Charlotte County recently, you may have noticed some black and white billboards addressed to DAD. One reads: “teach your son to be an upstander, not a bystander.” Another asks, “DAD: What are you teaching your son about girls?”

Jessica Meszaros / WGCU News

Florida is probably best known for its beaches. But for some residents who live far from the coast, a day at the beach is not a common event. So there’s a program in Southwest Florida to make sure children growing up inland learn the value of the state’s coastal environment. 

Wendy Humphrey

The new administration may change relations between Russia and the United States and hasten the need for Russia to adapt its legal system to global realities.  Two Sanibel law professors have been helping Russia do exactly that. It began 25 years ago with Jane and Sidney Picker’s quest to help Russian law students understand U.S. rule of law by awarding them full scholarships to study in the U.S. Now, this year’s students are spending the holidays with them on Sanibel.

The Howard Family

It’s no coincidence that Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Southwestern State College both have a Howard Hall.  The buildings named after William Thomas Howard, affectionately known as “Tommy” Howard, carry his namesake not for millions of dollars he donated, but for the time, passion and determination he gave to his cause.

“He was a legend in his own time,” said Charlie Edwards. “He was the chief advocate for higher education in our area and was very good at it.”

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The U.S. Department of Justice wants a federal court case over immigrant children in Collier County Schools to continue.

The school board asked a federal judge to dismiss the case in early September.