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Appeals court judges heard oral arguments last week in the latest phase of a legal battle challenging Florida’s tax credit scholarship program that helps children from low income families attend private schools.  The program offers tax credits to businesses who make donations to non-profits that provide private school scholarships to poor students.  The program currently serves nearly 70,000 students, the majority of which attend religious schools.  

The Pinellas County School Board Tuesday unanimously voted to issue a 90-day notice of termination to four charter schools.

The Lee County body that handles transportation planning wants to repurpose a rail line to bring travelers from Fort Myers to North Naples.

The line is currently used to move freight.

The state wants to know Southwest Floridians support the project before considering it.

There are many qualities of a great teacher. Two big ones? Kindness and a willingess to make learning fun. At least that's what Marlem Diaz-Brown's fourth-graders say.

For our 50 Great Teachers project, we've searched all over for teachers like her. Which brought us to Sunset Elementary School in Miami ... and "Mrs. D-B."


In our “Lessons Learned Early” series, we follow one pre-kindergartener through his first year of school.

More than halfway through, Florida has decided to do away with a time-consuming student-evaluation tool his voluntary pre-kindergarten teachers used.

While Some Duval County VPK teachers are celebrating that decision, many advocates are saying the tool was necessary.