The State Board of Education is meeting in Tampa today [Wednesday] and is expected to choose a new education commissioner.

The board interviewed the three finalists for an hour each yesterday, but the board says Florida's next education commissioner will face skeptical teachers and parents.

College professors start with the basics in remedial math classes. Add, subtract. Multiply, divide. Later they get into pre-Algebra.

Students end up in remedial classes, like the one at Miami Dade College when they fail the college placement test. It's required for students who enroll in state or community colleges - not state universities.

In 2011, nearly 50% of the high school graduates who took the math test failed. Compare that to less than 33% who failed reading and writing. And failing the math test doesn't just mean you're not ready for college-level math.

Most Florida teachers earned positive reviews, according to new state teacher evaluations. The Florida Department of Education released data Thursday showing which teachers had the most "highly effective" teachers.

The Florida Department of Education says 97% of Florida teachers are rated satisfactory or better. That's according to new evaluations required by a 2011 state law. Teachers are judged based on student test scores and classroom visits.

More than 20% of teachers earned the highest rating of "Highly Effective." 75% earned "Effective" ratings.

Most Florida Teachers Earn Positive Rating

Dec 6, 2012

Florida teachers are learning how they rate compared to colleagues across the state. The Florida Department of Education released data Wednesday showing which schools and districts had the most "highly effective" teachers.

More than one in eight Florida teachers earned the top rating of "highly effective." Slightly more than half earned an "effective" rating.

Five years in a row of budget cuts to the state university system has meant fewer classes - and higher tuition. But now, Governor Rick Scott is opposing any more tuition hikes. And Florida spends 30 percent less on each student than the national average. So a group of university presidents are saying they won't raise tuition this year - if state lawmakers give them an extra $118 million over the next two years. It would be divvied up among the state's 12 public universities that reach certain goals - such as graduation rates.