Scott to Release Education Agenda

Oct 24, 2012

Governor Rick Scott will make some new education proposals this week, including more access to charter schools and debit cards for teachers to buy classroom supplies. He said he'll roll out the details Thursday at an education conference in Fort Myers, but gave a preview to reporters Tuesday.

Scott said he'll push to issue debit cards to public school teachers so they won't be out of pocket for supplies. He said at least some of the funds will come from private donors.

StateImpact Florida: 70 Students in a Classroom

Oct 23, 2012

In order to accommodate so many students at the girls locker room at Hialeah High School in Miami is being used as a physical education classroom.

It’s dark, and it reeks of too much perfume. Schools can pack as many students as they want into classes like PE - there's no cap. But as teacher Julia Holden explains, there is the issue of space.

Gov. Rick Scott wants the State Board of Education to make changes in its plan to set passing scores based on a student’s race. But Scott isn’t saying what the Board should do to alter the plan.

Gov. Scott says every child should be performing on grade level in subjects like math and reading.

“I learn differently than other people learn,” said Scott. “But I do know that all children can learn, and we should expect we should have high standards for everybody.”

The Board of Education wants Governor Rick Scott to craft a state budget that would allow schools to issue computers to students who don't have one either at school or at home for homework.

It’s part of a more than 400 million dollar initiative to expand internet and wireless services in Florida schools, and offer computer access to students around the clock.

Some standardized tests are now online only, and board members say students who don't have computers at home need more experience using computers before they start taking important tests on them.

On Tuesday, the Florida Board of Education wrapped up two days of meetings in Orlando with a discussion about a court case that could have a major impact on the state’s school system. The state board is one of the defendants in the case.

A North Florida non-profit group called Citizens for Strong Schools is suing the state Board of Education and leaders in Florida’s House and Senate. Those lawmakers are accused of violating the state constitution by failing to provide for adequate education of Florida students.