As Florida students return to universities and state colleges this month for a new academic year, many will benefit from a major expansion of need-based financial aid.

Florida's main program aimed at students with financial need, known as “student assistance grants,” will expand to cover a record 234,824 students in the 2017-18 academic year, an increase of 112,495 students from last year, according to an estimate approved Wednesday by state analysts.

Florida's school districts are figuring out how to respond to a new state law that covers quite a lot, and may have a major impact.

On Tuesday, in what the Sarasota Herald-Tribune calls a "sharply-divided unanimous vote," Sarasota County's School Board voted not join a possible lawsuit.

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He's called the "Human Calendar," and he uses his math and memory skills to set world records in calendar calculations. Math whiz Yusnier Viera is coming to FGCU to share his passion for numbers and encourage a summer camp of Mathletes about the importance of using math to understand our world.

The Miami-Dade County School Board plans to vote on whether to take legal action against the state to fight some provisions of House Bill 7069. That was the conclusion of Wednesday's informal workshop to discuss legal options.

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho acknowledged the bill contains productive elements. "There are some provisions that we're very supportive of," he said, "the proverbial one ounce of honey for a gallon of vinegar." He specifically mentioned the daily recess requirement built into the bill, as well as the expansion of certain teacher bonuses. 

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With the 2017-18 school year about to begin and a handful of developments on the education front- we’re sitting down with the Superintendent of Hendry County Schools, Paul Puletti. We’ll tackle economic disparity and learn how the Hendry County School District meets those challenges head-on.