Parents could soon be able to see how much the school district is spending on their child’s education.

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A documentary exploring the unintended consequences of school de-segregation brought leaders from Southwest Florida's African American community together for a discussion about the enduring impacts of the Civil Rights movement.

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Machines that fabricate items on demand. Technology that turns a digital computer model into a physical object. Once the realm of science fiction, 3D printers are increasingly common in schools, libraries, and on university campuses, and they're being used to create every-day objects to complex medical devices and even human body parts.

Leading members of the House and Senate unveiled legislation Wednesday that they said could help reduce the amount of time Florida public school students spend on standardized tests during the school year.

But lawmakers admitted that the proposal (HB 773, SB 926), dubbed the “Fewer, Better Tests” legislation, would not explicitly do away with any exams.

The proposal would require the state's language arts and math tests to be administered in the last three weeks of a school year, with the exception of the 3rd-grade reading exam.

Florida’s community colleges, now called state colleges, can offer more than an associate’s degree: students don’t necessarily have to transfer to complete a bachelor's degree. However, one bill lawmakers will debate this session—SB 374—introduced by Dorothy Hukill, R-Brevard-Volusia, would limit upper-level courses at state colleges.