For a second time, a presidential search committee for Florida Gulf Coast University has given a thumbs down to a former Tallahassee lawmaker.

Senate Wants ‘Block’ Tuition For Universities

Feb 3, 2017

The Florida Senate will move forward next week with a proposal that would require all 12 state universities to adopt a "block" tuition policy by the fall of 2018.

Photo: Seeds_of_Peace via Flickr Creative Commons

Billed as an alternative to suspension and expulsion, restorative justice efforts are transforming discipline, and classroom culture, across Southwest Florida.

Restorative practices avoid punishments that result in a student leaving school (like suspension) in favor of repairing harm caused by a violation, addressing its root causes, and returning a student back to the school community.

A Senate plan for changes to the state’s public colleges and universities sailed smoothly through its first panel hearing Monday. Questions mostly centered on how schools could implement block tuition and use a four-year graduation rate as part of the state’s higher ed accountability system.

A bitter feud over Florida's largest private school voucher program ended Wednesday when the state Supreme Court tossed out a lawsuit challenging a program used by nearly 98,000 school children.