Rejecting arguments of charter schools, an administrative law judge Friday upheld a plan that would make charter schools ineligible for state construction and facilities money if they have “D” performance grades in two consecutive years.

Gov. Rick Scott is cautioning university presidents over how they spend money that legislators gave them.

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A national survey of more than 4,700 public school educators singled out state-by-state barriers to a good education. Florida teachers say family engagement, home internet access, and reading outside of school are key to learning. But teachers in the Sunshine State were also more likely to spend money out of their own pocket for classroom materials, despite Florida schools getting more discretionary funds from local PTAs and school districts.

The president of Bethune-Cookman University has resigned amid criticism about how he handled the historically black university’s finances and reputation. The Daytona Beach News Journal first reported the announcement Tuesday from the school’s board chairman.

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So-called "food deserts" denote areas without access to grocery stores or fresh food, but Sarasota County Libraries and the Sarasota Housing Authority are launching the Book-Rich Environment campaign to address "book deserts" by bringing books into homes and helping families engage with their local libraries.