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An independent report by the Florida auditor general into the state’s voting system last month criticizes the Department of State over security concerns with Florida’s nine-year old voter registration database and questions whether the state will be ready for the 2016 presidential election.  We’ll explore what voting officials are doing to prepare and to reduce the risk of a security breach.  Plus, August 6 marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of the federal Voting Rights Act which was designed to protect voters from racially discriminatory laws. We’ll explore the civil rights law’s history and impact in Florida.

The largest Florida corporate donor to a super political action committee backing former Gov. Jeb Bush's presidential run is NextEra Energy Inc., the company that owns electric utility giant Florida Power & Light.

Embattled Secretary of State Ken Detzner, Governor Rick Scott’s elections czar, is under fire in the wake of an auditor general’s report citing serious problems with Florida’s central voting system.

A non-partisan organization wants to change the way Florida’s elected officials are chosen. They’re tired of partisanship and say the best way to address it is to make candidates appeal to a broader electorate. That means tapping in to the state’s nearly 2.9 million No Party Affiliated voters, who are largely locked out of state primaries.

A bipartisan group is pushing for all registered voters to be allowed to vote in Florida’s primaries.

In Florida, when a candidate has opposition outside of their party, which is often the case, nonpartisan voters cannot cast a vote.

A proposed amendment called “All Voters Vote” could change that.