A bipartisan group is pushing for all registered voters to be allowed to vote in Florida’s primaries.

In Florida, when a candidate has opposition outside of their party, which is often the case, nonpartisan voters cannot cast a vote.

A proposed amendment called “All Voters Vote” could change that.

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With campaigning already underway for this this fall’s mid-term elections, we take a look back to the tumultuous 2000 presidential election between President George W. Bush and Al Gore.  Florida’s 27 electoral votes lay at the center of that contest amid narrow vote margins, conflicting statutes, political disputes and uncounted ballots due to the ‘hanging chad’ issue. 

Former Florida Supreme Court Justice Charles Wells shares insights from his experience during that debacle in his book titled, “Inside Bush v. Gore.” 

Outspent Democrats Stinging from Loss

Nov 5, 2014

Democrats are stinging from Tuesday’s mid-term election results – starting with Charlie Crist’s 1 percent loss to incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott. Ex-state Senator Dan Gelber was at the Crist campaign party Tuesday.

He says the state Democratic party was far outspent by Republicans in the governor’s race.

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Tuesday’s election marks the culmination of Florida’s race for governor. It’s one of the closest, most contentious and most expensive gubernatorial contests in the country this election season. Meanwhile Florida voters also decided the fate of proposed constitutional amendments to legalize medical marijuana, to secure billions of dollars in state funding for water and land conservation initiatives, and to determine who will appoint new state Supreme Court justices in 2019 when the court’s left-of-center majority retires from the bench. Our panel of journalists and political science experts provides insight and analysis into the results of Florida’s midterm election and what they’ll mean for the state’s political climate going forward. 

Over 3 Million Cast Early-Voting Ballots

Nov 4, 2014

More than three million Floridians have cast ballots before Election Day. State officials say the early returns could help push the state to a record for turnout in a midterm election.

Republicans lead Democrats by just more than a three percent margin in ballots already cast. And with polls showing the gubernatorial election a dead heat, the state could be headed for a recount in that race. But Secretary of State Ken Detzner says, Floridians should expect a smoother process than during the infamous presidential election of 2000.