Election Could Set a Record for Overall Turnout

Nov 4, 2014


Florida’s top elections official, Secretary of State Ken Detzner, says this election could set a record for overall turnout in a midterm.

“Clearly early voting has set some records and absentee voting, so it’s a great thing. You know, the weather is beautiful in Florida. People are turning out. Campaigns and organizations are assisting people to get to the polls.”

Local elections supervisors are reporting more than 3 million voters cast ballots by mail or in person during the state’s early voting period. Those numbers are expected to grow by about 50 thousand as supervisors continue receiving mail-in ballots. For people voting today, Detzner says a photo ID is required. When polls close at 7 this evening, people in line to vote will be allowed to cast ballots.

Both judicial elections and judicial merit retention votes are on the ballot in Florida today. Voters will pick between candidates running for Circuit and County Courts and vote yes or no on retaining about one third of the state’s appellate judges.

No Supreme Court justices are up for that yes/no vote this year, but high court Justice Barbara Pariente survived it in 2012. Looking back on efforts to remove her, she told me her views on merit retention.

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Jeb Bush Stumps for Scott in Sarasota

Nov 3, 2014
World Affairs Council of Philadelphia via Flickr

Both Charlie Crist and Rick Scott are hauling out the biggest names in each party as election day draws near. Today, Crist campaigns with Bill Clinton, and Scott is touring the state with governors Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry. And perhaps the biggest name in Republican politics stumped for Scott in Sarasota.

David Trawin via Flickr

In the coming days, Floridians vote on Amendment 2 which calls to legalize medical marijuana. But its role in medicine is a bit contradictory. The US classifies it as a schedule one drug, deeming it a substance with high abuse potential and no accepted medical use – the same class as heroin and LSD. Yet almost half the states in the country have legalized it for patients.