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A committee of scientists is recommending a re-evaluation of a $16 billion restoration of the Florida Everglades, the largest in American history.

The committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in a report to Congress called for the re-evaluation as the effort approaches its 17th year.

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Harvard University wants to study impacts of sea level rise in Southwest Florida-- Collier County, in particular. This was proposed during a climate change meeting at Florida Gulf Coast University on Monday. 

Dan Levine / Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

State wildlife biologists rescued a manatee in Southwest Florida waters Wednesday for symptoms resulting from a toxic red tide algal bloom. This seems to be a trend.

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Lee County residents overwhelmingly voted to continue the Conservation 20/20 program on Election Day. That sets aside tax dollars to purchase and manage environmentally sensitive land. 

Florida scientists are calling on President-elect Donald Trump to acknowledge climate change as not a hoax.

The scientists are calling for a meeting with the president-elect who in tweets has described climate change as a hoax created by China or something based on faulty science.