A Florida senator who once hunted down a 9-foot Burmese python wants the state to pay private contractors to eradicate pythons and other invasive species from the Everglades.

Seagrass in Florida Bay has died off rapidly over the past couple of years. About 40,000 acres have been lost, harming the habitat of animals from manatees to toadfish and imperiling the area's fishing industry.

Photo: Google Maps

A group of alumni from the old Bayshore High School in Manatee County, demolished in 1999, say more than 400 cases of rare cancers, birth defects, and other illnesses have been reported among former students and faculty. The group, Bayshore High School Concerned Alumni and Friends, contends toxic contamination at the site of the old school, possibly from buried diesel tanks, is to blame.

Photo: Everglades National Park

There’s a lot of attention - and a lot of money - going towards restoring the Everglades. As the legislative session gets started in Tallahassee this week, lawmakers are considering a couple of bills that could impact restoration. WLRN’s Kate Stein looks at what “Everglades restoration” actually means.


A third of Floridians get drinking water from the Everglades. But it’s becoming harder for the Everglades to keep that water clean. Lawmakers in Tallahassee have a plan that could help. You’ll hear more about that later this week. But first, Kate Stein explains how the Everglades used to work.