Photo: Forest Wander via Flicker Creative Commons / https://www.flickr.com/photos/forestwander-nature-pictures/7224224332

Fundraising effort are underway for the humble honey bee, as the University of Florida’s Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory reaches toward just shy of its $3.5 million goal to build a state-of the-art facility for scholars and Florida beekeepers to study the behavior, husbandry, ecology, biodiversity, and conservation of the honey bee.

State Program Records 500th Python Kill

Aug 18, 2017

With the state trying to reduce invasive species in areas such as the Everglades, a hunter Thursday killed the 500th Burmese python in less than five months under a South Florida Water Management District program.

A leadership shuffle in the Florida Senate is lifting the hopes of anti-fracking activists.


We often hear that trees and rainforests and plant life are the things that make our planet breathe- taking in Carbon Dioxide and releasing Oxygen. It happens at the smallest level on leaves- but have you ever wondered exactly what’s happening in each of these leaves? Have you ever considered the long-buried leaves from millennia ago- ancient forests which are now mined as other products like rubber, coal and oil?

Liam Quinn

The Audubon Florida’s Eagle Watch Program is one of the most popular citizen science programs in the state, and you could become part of it. This Thursday the statewide director of the program will be in town for volunteer training at the Southwest Florida Masonic Center in Fort Myers.