Quincy J. Walters / WGCU News

As Hurricane Irma closes in on Florida, and despite a slight shift, counties in the southwestern part of the state are bracing for impact. 

Hotels across North Florida and South Georgia are sold out as Hurricane Matthew batters the east coast. Weary travels in evacuation zones are being told to go further west.

Lee County Government web page

Governor Rick Scott says time is up. People on Florida’s east coast in evacuation zones must leave now. He urged them to head west.

The State Emergency Operations Center has directed some Southwest Florida counties to open shelters for evacuees coming from the east coast of Florida. Lee County has declared a local state of emergency to make that happen.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says the state could be facing its "biggest evacuation ever" because Hurricane Matthew is threatening almost the entire Atlantic coast of Florida.

A mandatory evacuation order is in place for some Palm Beach County residents, effective immediately, as Hurricane Matthew continues moving towards Florida.