John Davis, WGCU

Governor Rick Scott visited Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Collier County Oct. 23 to announce a proposed $1.7 billion investment in Florida’s environment next year. That’s a $220 million increase over the current budget. Environmental advocates are celebrating the recommendation, but whether state lawmakers will go along with the governor’s proposals remains to be seen.

Clyde Butcher

Oct 11, 2017
Courtesy, Clyde Butcher

Internationally renowned photographer and environmental advocate Clyde Butcher has been hiking deep into the Big Cypress National Preserve, the western Everglades and other natural Florida locations for more than 30 years, capturing his iconic black and white photographs of our region’s pristine wild spaces. 

Pixabay.com / Creative Commons/skeeze

Researchers say invasive Burmese pythons are depleting so many animals in the Everglades, mosquitoes there are mainly biting a species of rat that carries a virus dangerous to humans. 


The Everglades' python problem is not news to most Southwest Floridians, but what may be is the effects the overabundance of the invasive species may soon have on humans well outside of the Everglades.

Interior Secretary: Trump Committed To Everglades Projects

Oct 9, 2017

U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke picked up a machete to help clear a swamp buggy trail in the Big Cypress National Preserve.