Foreign Relations


Venezuela, the oil-rich South American nation, has been gripped by political turmoil, civic unrest, and an economic crisis for months. Now Gov. Rick Scott is calling on state agencies and other businesses to cut their connections to Caracas.

South Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen says she's keeping an open mind but, right now, she supports President Obama's plan for limited missile strikes to punish Syria for the use of chemical weapons.

Ros-Lehtinen - the Republican chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa - told Miami Herald editors on Tuesday it’s important that the president is seen keeping his word.

A six-member heavy-metal band from Cuba is seeking asylum in the United States. The story broke this week on Cafe Fuerte -- a blog with a special focus on Cuba and Miami. This is the most recent incident involving the foreign relations of rock.

Fight For Cuba

Jul 8, 2013
potomo via Flickr

Cuba experts say soon, we could be looking at an end to the U.S. embargo. Tampa has already begun a campaign to win the island’s business. But Miami has been far quieter.

Alina Brouwer, she comes from a family of musicians. Her father and uncle are both composers, and well known on the island. Alina fled to Miami in ‘92. Ever since, she’s been waiting for the death of Fidel Castro. She’s been waiting for a free Cuba.

"I dream about going back to Cuba very often", Brouwer said. "I see my family, my kids, especially, being able to walk around Havana"

Alina imagines opening up a recording studio in Cuba. Maybe a music school too. But Alina is like many exiles in Miami. She says she’s waiting for human rights in Cuba. And only then will she do business on the island.

TaxWatch: Scott's Trade Missions Good for State

Jun 21, 2013

Governor Rick Scott is in Paris on his ninth international trade mission since taking office in 2011. He's been visiting the Paris Air Show and touting Florida’s position in the aeronautics industry.

Scott has already gone on trade missions to Brazil, Israel, Spain and Chile, among others, plugging what he calls Florida’s pro-business climate.

Florida TaxWatch President Dominic Calabro supports the trade missions. He says as global business increases, the state should be part of the conversation.