Florida Delegates Deny Having an Extreme Platform

Aug 29, 2012

The Obama campaign is talking a lot about a “war on women.” They cite recent comments about rape by Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri and the recently passed Republican platform. But that characterization isn’t sitting well with Florida’s delegation to the Republican National Convention.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told Florida’s convention delegates that she is, "...sick and tired of hearing that Mitt Romney is anti-women.” 

Westboro Baptist Makes an Appearance at RNC

Aug 29, 2012

A half dozen members of the Westboro Baptist Church held a short demonstration in downtown Tampa Tuesday.

The group, known for protesting against gays marriage and picketing funerals of American servicemen, drew the attention of a handful of media and curious passers-by.

Tampa attorney Michael Curry was among those who watched the somewhat limited action.

"I'm not surprised that they're here but I really don't have a thought either way. It's almost comical more than anything else.", said Curry.

John Davis

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is in Southwest Florida today speaking at campaign events in Fort Myers and Naples. 

Johnson has been at the Republican National Convention where he was invited to speak at the pro-Ron Paul event, P.A.U.L. Fest.   Johnson, a former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico brought his socially liberal, fiscally conservative message to a small crowd of students and area residents at Florida Gulf Coast University. 

Political Tuesday: The Republican Convention

Aug 28, 2012

Florida Republicans gathering in Tampa had little to do as they waited out Tropical Storm Isaac. But there was plenty of buzz surrounding two former Florida governors, Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist.

Miami Herald Editorial editor Myriam Marquez shares her perspective from the RNC.

RNC Marchers Take to the Streets of Downtown Tampa

Aug 28, 2012
mpeake via Flickr

The first day of the Republican National Convention might have been canceled, but that didn't stop a march by a coalition of about a dozen protest groups. The wet weather put a damper on their numbers, but apparently not their spirit.

It was in some ways anti-climatic. A protest that had been in the planning stages for months - with projections of more than 5,000 people clogging Tampa's downtown - fizzled in the rain.

Estimates ranged from 300 to 500 protesters at Perry Harvey Park. There seemed to be as many journalists as protesters.