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The casualties when arts funding is cut goes beyond entertainment and creative genius according to a new study from the Americans for the Arts, local economies are impacted as well. The study is called “Arts and Economic Prosperity” and it looks at how many jobs are created by the arts, how much money is generated as a result of arts programs, and what amount local governments end up receiving in return for an investment in the arts.

FGCU Baseball

Jun 23, 2017

After a record breaking season taking the FGCU baseball team to its first NCAA tournament after winning its first ASUN Tournament Title, Coach Dave Tollett is back out scouting for new players again this summer.

Photo: Rachelle Elsea, U.S. Air Force

The acronym “R.A.P.I.D.” signifies the steps teenage girls are advised to follow in a new course being offered by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department: Respond to a dangerous situation by Assessing your surroundings, Protecting yourself, Identifying defensive strategies, and applying Defensive actions (as a last resort). It's the name of a class that’s LCSO is offering exclusively for teenage years.

Photo: Peter Haden, WLRN

An opioid overdose is an alarmingly frequent call for paramedics and firefighters in South Florida. But according to WLRN reporter Peter Haden, many of those victims came from outside the state to seek treatment for their addiction. With relapses topping 80 percent, many who arrive seeking help today can become tomorrow's overdose victim.

Photos: Wikimedia Creative Commons

While most of the complaints about Southwest Florida's recent rainy weather center on the comeback of the annoying mosquito, the rain brings out another animal that can pose a serious threat to dogs: the cane toad, whose poison glands can sicken pets. Even the tadpoles can be highly toxic if ingested.