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Food has been a source of pleasure and nourishment for centuries, but in recent years it’s also become a source of discomfort. For example, today is national chocolate chip cookie day, but any one of the ingredients in a simple cookie could trigger a reaction because of an allergy or sensitivity.

Photo: Peter Meinke

Florida poet laureate Peter Meinke is bringing a night of poetry, stories, and song to Naples, accompanied by music from Southwest Florida composer and arranger William Dawson, Jr.

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons via Public Domain

The state of Florida is dotted with natural springs that have attracted visitors since long before they became 1950’s roadside attractions. And while many preservationists who study Florida’s springs focus on their ecology and the symbolism of a pure, pristine font; one author is connecting the social role springs have played throughout history for a more realistic look at their evolution and possibly their future.

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons

He's called the "Human Calendar," and he uses his math and memory skills to set world records in calendar calculations. Math whiz Yusnier Viera is coming to FGCU to share his passion for numbers and encourage a summer camp of Mathletes about the importance of using math to understand our world.


Since the advent of infant formula, the number of women breastfeeding their children has declined sharply, but in recent years, educational campaigns from the medical community and pushback from parents has seen more and more mothers switching away from powdered formulations. Lee Health is joining other organizations to promote breastfeeding through a Global “Big Latch On” campaign.