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While most people are familiar with the 13 British Colonies that unified to form the United States, what’s often not known is the role Florida, or the 14th Colony, played in the Revolutionary War. We’re joined by Dr. Roger Smith, he's author of the book The 14th Colony, The American Revolution’s Best Kept Secret to get a history lesson.

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Summertime is often associated with a dearth of art offerings as music organizations and theater companies go on hiatus before opening their new seasons in the fall.  However, that’s not the case at the Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers where staff have been busy organizing an ambitious schedule of gallery exhibitions, workshops, and classes for kids, teens and adults alike!  From visual and performing arts summer camp opportunities to workshops on drawing, painting, photography and more, the organization’s Director of Operations and Education, Brandi Couse, brings us a closer look at everything the Alliance has to offer for you and your family this summer.

Theatre Conspiracy is currently running productions of Lorraine Hansberry’s classic drama, “A Raisin in the Sun,” at the Alliance of the Arts in Fort Myers.  The story and its themes tackle hard truths about racism, segregation, and socioeconomic mobility through the story of a black family’s experience moving into a prosperous white neighborhood in 1950s Chicago.  

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It's National Nurses Week. A Gallup poll recently ranked nursing the most trusted profession for the 16th consecutive year. Yet, there aren’t enough nurses to go around. 

Coral reefs around the world have taken big hits over the past decade as ocean temperatures rise. During a recent 3-year global event, roughly half of the corals in the Great Barrier Reef succumbed to what’s called coral bleaching. And here in Florida, corals are facing a rapidly spreading disease called White Plague which has decimated many coral species off the Southeast Florida coast. Today we’ll talk with Dr. William Precht, who has studied the disease to learn more.