Gulf Coast Live

FGCU Bower School of Music & the Arts

We’ve got an hour of live music lined up in our performance studio. We’re joined by Florida Gulf Coast University’s Director of Jazz Studies, Brandon Robertson, and the school’s jazz quartet, which features Alec Prorock on trumpet, Jonathan Ingram on bass, Joel Law on piano, and Miguel Azcuy on drums. We’ll meet the musicians and learn about their backgrounds and side projects…and we’ll explore where jazz fits into the modern music scene.

University of Alabama

We sit down with Dr. Robin D. Rogers, he's Research Professor at University of Alabama, adjunct professor at McGill University in Montreal, and President, Owner and Founder of 525 Solutions. Dr. Rogers recently presented a lecture as part of the FGCU College of Arts and Sciences' Lecture Series, called "Can Renewable Resources Replace Plastics in a Sustainable Society?" 


As Florida legislators kick off week four of this year’s state law-making session, our legislative round table series continues today. We’ll highlight bills that are making significant gains toward passage:  The Florida House voted last week in favor of a constitutional amendment proposal (HJR 7001) that would require supermajorities in both chambers to enact any future increases in taxes or fees.  

FR.Horton via Flickr Creative Commons

On Dec. 23 2017, 14-year-old Fort Myers athlete Zachary Syska was running with friends when he went into sudden cardiac arrest and his heart stopped.  A youth running club coach immediately began to administer CPR and when Fort Myers firefighters arrived at the scene, they were able to revive Syska with a defibrillator. 

We delve into the works featured in a provocative new exhibit through Florida Gulf Coast University Library Archives and Special Collections exploring the pervasive issue of rape and sexual assault and how rape manifests in contemporary culture through the world of underground art and writing.  The exhibition, “Rape Culture: Zines & Artists’ Books,” addresses these difficult issues through artist book and zine platforms dating back to the 1970s.