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We sit down with members of the Ghostbird Theatre Company ahead of their final performance this season: Samuel Beckett’s play, “Catastrophe.”  The location for this one night only performance May 4 won’t be announced until the last minute, which is big part of what this unique theatre company is all about.  Ghostbird is the only theatre company in the American South that is fully dedication to creating site-specific performances.

Tim Bruder

The Southwest Florida-based punk rock band Offset Era brings their explosive sound to our studios with a live on-air performance.  The group’s high-energy music blends pop punk, skate punk, alternative, ska, reggae and hip-hop genres and they perform regularly at venues in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral region.  The band’s first EP “Lucky 13” was released in late 2015 and their second album, “Learning to Swim Upstream” was released earlier this year.  We’ll sit down with band members Chris Clark (vocals/guitar), Vince Nelson (drums) and Chad Young (bass).

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The Herbert Hoover Dike is comprised of 143 miles of levees around Lake Okeechobee, the nation’s 10th largest lake. It’s existed in its current form since the 1960s, and has done its job of protecting those living near it from catastrophic flood events like the ones in the 1920s which killed more than 3000 people. 

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A study was recently published by an associate professor of social work at Florida Gulf Coast University, and it looks at how the people living in Immokalee feel about their health.

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If you’ve ever visited Fort Myers Beach or Sanibel Island in Lee County you are likely familiar with the name Summerlin. We recently received this Curious Gulf Coast question from a listener named Jesse Sanders:

"I drive down Summerlin Road maybe three times a week so I decided to look up who the road was named after. Interesting character for sure. ... People may be interested in history of the area and the cattleman behind Summerlin Road."

So, we're bringing in I-Mag Historian Jim Powers to get his insights into the man known as the Cracker Cow Hunter, Jacob Summerlin