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We’ll hear from Southwest Florida musician Xid and the 25 upon the release of his second album of high-energy mix of Electronic Alternative and Synth Pop/Rock music.  Xid went into the studio to create the new album, “Counting Days” with the goal of adding “more energy, more layers, and more passion.”  These eight new tracks follow the release of Xid’s first album “21 Apologies,” which came out in 2017.  Xid is also a member of the popular Southwest Florida band Cobress, which was featured on our show earlier this year.  We’ll hear selections from the new album ahead of the official release party July 5 at HOWL Gallery in Fort Myers as we explore Xid’s unique approach to music composition.

Breaking out old photo albums is almost guaranteed to take you on a journey, and now a new show is promising to do that in places across the country. We’re taking with the host and the executive producer of a new public television miniseries called Family Pictures USA. They are in town meeting people from all walks of life across southwest Florida on a search for places to hold photo-sharing events, which will be filmed, and used as the basis for a Family Pictures television program, as well as radio specials. Their show is like a cross between Antiques Roadshow and Storycorps. It uses family photo albums to reveal roots and connections, and to share with viewers a more nuanced and diverse story of our common history, shared present, and evolving future. If you would like to submit photos or stories to the show email them to

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has been conducting its annual Kids Count study data every year since 1990. The goal it to give state legislators, public officials, and child advocates reliable data to inform policy choices. The 2018 data book was released at noon today. Florida showed improvement in children living in high-poverty areas, teen births and proficiencies in reading and math. The sunshine state earned an overall ranking of 34 in child well-being. We’re joined now by Dr. Norin Dollard, the Florida Kids Count Director, to get a sense of how Florida fared this year, and what direction the trend lines are heading.


Grieving the loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone, but when children lose a parent or sibling, the loss can be particularly profound. We’re joined today by the Founder and CEO of a local non-profit called Valerie’s House that works to help families and children struggling with loss. She says they’ve seen a spike in the number of kids who need help following the overdose death of a parent or sibling, and that right now about a quarter of children who need grief support is struggling with this situation. We’re also joined today by a father of two young children whose wife overdosed a few years ago. And, a 15 year old who recently lost her sister to an opioid overdose. We’ll hear their stories and explore how Valerie’s House has helped them cope and possibly begin to recover.


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Nutrient rich freshwater releases from Lake Okeechobee have become an annual tradition here in Southwest Florida, but not a good one. The releases are often followed by algae blooms in the Caloosahatchee River and the estuaries it flows into. Reports of algae blooms around the Alva Boat Ramp were reported over the weekend, and more are likely to follow as the water flows west.


WGCU’s Mike Kiniry sat down with Dr. Bill Mitsch, and one of his graduate students named Lauren Griffiths, who is working toward her PhD. to talk about a possible out-of-the-box solution to remove nutrients from the environment.