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Collier County Mosquito Control District

Gov. Rick Scott was in Naples Monday, hosting a roundtable discussion on Zika readiness with the Collier County Health Department and the county’s mosquito control district.

Florida health officials are battling 43 confirmed cases of homegrown transmission of the virus. Nearly all of them are in the Miami-Dade neighborhoods of Wynwood and Miami Beach, including one new case of local transmission as recently as Monday. But there have been two investigations of locally-transmitted cases in Palm Beach County, as well as one case in Pinellas County. That’s on top of the nearly 550 travel-related cases statewide.

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Toxicologists say Floridians using mosquito repellent for Zika virus prevention should not overuse it. Mosquitoes in Miami-Dade County are transmitting the illness, which is linked to birth defects. And misusing repellent could cause some health issues, too.

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There’s an ongoing effort to change the reputation of mullet. The fish was mostly used as bait. But now, mullet and its roe are appearing on menus at fancy US restaurants and business owners are betting on a growing demand for the fish. Meet some southwest Floridians who are giving mullet a second chance:

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  Researchers at Florida Gulf Coast University are working to develop an antiviral treatment for Zika based on their work combatting another closely related virus that’s spread by mosquitos. 

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Lee Memorial Health System is preparing for any future Zika virus cases. The Florida Department of Health said on Tuesday there are 44 cases in the state. Three of those cases are in Lee County and all are travel-related.

Lee Memorial is working to identify any possible local Zika cases.