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Sad to report that the "Shark Lady" of Mote Marine Laboratory Eugenie Clark passed away this week at the age of 92. She dove for the last time in 2014.  Click on the title to watch a documentary Amy Tardif did on her in 2005.


Florida Aims For Leadership in Autonomous Vehicles

Feb 27, 2015
Wikimedia Creative Commons

Florida aims to lead the way in automated vehicle technology, with a three year research program underway. But don’t expect to see fully self-driving cars on the road any time soon.

The Florida Department of Transportation is working with universities and industry groups to develop autonomous vehicle technology.

Why Music Therapists Want To Be Licensed in Florida

Feb 26, 2015
Wikimedia Creative Commons

Music is often part of some of our biggest moments. From singing happy birthday to your favorite song that you always sing along to, music can help you connect and remember. Studies have shown that music can also become a form of therapy.

Only seven states require a license for music therapists. Florida isn't one of them. But some music therapy professionals in the Sunshine State are trying to change that.

Getting an appointment with a doctor may get a lot harder over the next ten years, according to a study out this week.

The report, commissioned by the Teaching Hospital Council of Florida and the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida, says Florida is facing a troubling shortage of specialist doctors - to the tune of almost 7,000. Even though South Florida has a number of teaching hospitals, the survey finds the region will still feel the crunch, especially in Palm Beach County.

Ikiwaner via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Hundreds of researchers from across the globe are in Orlando this week to talk about one thing, citrus greening. It's a disease that's devastating Florida's $9 billion iconic crop and threatening citrus worldwide. Some of the most promising research comes from tiny Lake Alfred, Florida, the global front line in the fight against greening.