University of Miami doctors have published a case study about the first locally transmitted case of Zika in the United States. The patient was a 23-year-old pregnant women whose symptoms included a fever, joint pain and a rash. Her baby tested negative for the virus.

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People in Naples are living some of the longest lives in the nation, according to a national review of metro areas by 24/7 Wallstreet. Those living in the Naples-Marco Island-Immokalee area live, on average, into their 88th year.

But quality of life is just as important as longevity, which is why Blue Zones of Southwest Florida (operated by NCH Healthcare) is working to improve well-being across the region, to have the area join the world's "Blue Zone" communities.

A new report ranks Florida as the nation's 36th healthiest state.

color:#333333">Martin County health officials are planning a follow-up to a 2010 study that found elevated levels of mercury in Florida women.

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A Southwest Florida research company said it has developed a medication to combat Zika. The pill is meant to treat people who’ve already contracted the mosquito-borne virus.