The use of Art Therapy in the treatment of mental health issues stretches back nearly a century, yet this is still considered an emerging field in mental health treatment.  As May marks Mental Health Awareness month, we’ll explore art therapy’s myriad uses in everything from managing symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease to providing an expressive outlet for children on the Autism Spectrum and even helping victims overcome trauma.  We’ll talk with experts from the Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida and Delta Family Counseling in Cape Coral ahead of their Art Therapy Workshop later this month at the Lee County Alliance for the Arts.

If it's a Monday, you can usually find Dr. David Brown parked next to a lake in Miami, spending the day inside a 36-foot-long RV. He's not on vacation.

Brown is chief of family medicine at Florida International University's medical school. The RV is the school's mobile health clinic.

A study recently published in the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, and the Journal of Thoracic Oncology laid down new guidelines for oncologists treating lung cancer, which can extend survivability and improve quality of life for patients.

The new guidelines advise molecular tumor testing for all advanced stage lung cancer patients. Molecular tumor testing, or bio-marker testing, involves analyzing a tumor’s DNA to identify mutations that match up with targeted drug therapies, which can be vastly more beneficial than standard chemotherapy.

Hospitals across Florida are looking for ways to save money following a 2 percent cut in Medicare funding which took effect April 1as a result of the federal sequester.  The Florida Hospital Association says Florida hospitals will lose about $2 billion in funding over the next 10 years as a result.  Southwest Florida’s high rate of seniors could mean the impact will be deeper for healthcare providers here.   Plus, in the state legislative session that ended Friday, lawmakers failed to expand Medicaid using federal dollars through the Affordable Care Act.  We’ll hear from officials with Lee Memorial Health System and Naples Community Hospital Healthcare System for a closer look at how they’re coping and what’s next.

Ina May Gaskin

Apr 10, 2013

  In 1965 C-sections were performed in less than five percent of baby deliveries in the United States.  Today, nearly one in three babies is delivered in the U.S. via Cesarean. We’ll explore one woman’s view on what’s behind the increase.  Ina May Gaskin is an author, lecturer and founding director of the Farm Midwifery Center.  She speaks at the first annual Green Family Expo at the Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers April 20, following a screening of the documentary film, Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & The Farm Midwives April 19.