Ina May Gaskin

Apr 10, 2013

  In 1965 C-sections were performed in less than five percent of baby deliveries in the United States.  Today, nearly one in three babies is delivered in the U.S. via Cesarean. We’ll explore one woman’s view on what’s behind the increase.  Ina May Gaskin is an author, lecturer and founding director of the Farm Midwifery Center.  She speaks at the first annual Green Family Expo at the Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers April 20, following a screening of the documentary film, Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & The Farm Midwives April 19.

A group of University of Miami medical students is behind an effort to get Florida to implement a syringe exchange program in the state. A bill under consideration in the Legislature would allow IV drug users to turn in dirty needles in exchange for clean ones.

WLRN's Marva Hinton spoke with Hansel Tookes, a third-year medical student at UM, and Marek Hirsch, a fourth-year medical student at UM.

The Women’s Fund of Southwest Florida commissioned a study that revealed how women are doing in terms of population and diversity, employment and income, achievement and autonomy and health and well-being. In time for International Women’s Day we delve into The Status of Women in Southwest Florida.

There’s good news: Hendry County women have the lowest cholesterol rate in the region and single Hendry County women have a homeownership rate higher than single women in the state. And there’s bad news:  A large percentage of local minority women fail to complete high school and there are 103,000 area women in poverty. 

Bill to Restrict Outdoor Smoking Passes

Feb 22, 2013
Dr. Jaus via Flickr

Cities and counties could bar smokers from beaches, parks and other public outdoor areas under a bill that passed an early Senate test Thursday.

The bill would expand the state's clear indoor air restrictions to more outdoor venues as long as smoking sections are also available.

According to local experts, the number of babies in Southwest Florida born addicted to prescription opiates has shot up 800% in the last eight years and they say the mothers don’t fit the typical profile of a drug addict.

Nationally, the number of babies born addicted has tripled in the last decade. We’ll explore what’s behind the trend, how Florida officials are responding and how Lee Memorial health System has become a national model for dealing with the problem.