Hurricane Evacuation Fatal For Some, Study Finds

Nov 27, 2012

More and more nursing homes are evacuating residents to prepare for incoming hurricanes. It's a trend that started after Hurricane Katrina, when at least 35 elderly New Orleans residents drowned in their nursing home. But a recent study shows that for some populations evacuation has serious consequences.

Before Hurricane Gustav made landfall in 2008 in Louisiana, 119 nursing facilities evacuated residents. Compared to Hurricane Katrina, that's 4 times as many facilities.

Prescription Drug Deaths Decline in Florida

Oct 25, 2012

According to a report released Wednesday by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, prescription drug overdoses have fallen in the state. The biggest decline was associated with deaths related to the widely abused prescription drug oxycodone.

Last year, oxycodone deaths dropped by nearly 18%, while overall prescription-drug overdoses fell by a little more than 6%.

Florida officials say it's a direct result of the state's actions to crackdown on pill mills. But despite the decline in deaths related to painkillers, overall drug-related deaths increased last year.

News-Press columnist Melanie Payne is best known for her role as the paper’s consumer watchdog investigating unscrupulous business practices and the latest scams, but she’s also a breast cancer survivor.  Payne’s personal battle with cancer serves as a guide for women on everything from diagnosis to remission. 

During Tuesday's Florida Cabinet meeting, Gov. Rick Scott gave an update on the fungal meningitis outbreak in the state. However, some mistaken copy had the governor sending callers to an adult phone line rather than the meningitis hotline.

WUSF posted that telephone number as part of its web story and was quickly notified by a reader that the number did not connect to the state department of health.

Gov. Scott: Florida Meningitis Cases are Under Control

Oct 9, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott says there are four confirmed fungal meningitis cases in Florida linked to the national outbreak that has killed eight people. Scott told fellow Florida Cabinet members Tuesday morning that the outbreak in Florida appears to be under control adding the four Florida cases are from the same facility.