FLORIDA SNAPSHOTS - A WLRN Original Production - Short stories that capture Florida's unique and colorful past. 

Across Florida, there are communities where artists seem to gravitate and Sarasota is one of those places. Now, years after his death, one of the city's most influential artist's continues to have an impact.


Have you ever looked into your family’s history? Maybe you’ve even had your DNA tested by a company like 23andMe? We’re joined by the Lee County Genealogy Society's past president Carol Rooksby Weidlich, and FGCU professor Karen Ryan who is teaching a course on genealogy, to discuss the many ways it’s the possible these days to explore our roots.

Local preservationists are working to survey a historically black neighborhood that’s feeling pressure from developers. The project could help residents protect the area from new construction.

Florida’s coastlines and cavern systems are dotted with historic sites, from World War II era shipwrecks, to Spanish galleons, to remnants of thousand year old civilizations. But there aren’t enough archaeologists to keep up with the underwater preservation. Now the state is training amateur scuba divers to pick up some of the slack.