Hurricane Irma

Jessica Meszaros / WGCU News

Tuesday was the last day for federal financial food assistance for residents in Lee and Collier Counties who were affected by Hurricane Irma. Thousands of Southwest Floridians have already been processed.

Jessica Meszaros / WGCU News

As of last week, 77 Collier County households have been given federal temporary emergency housing after Hurricane Irma. 

State Officials Defend Massive Evacuation Traffic Plans

Oct 27, 2017

Despite widespread traffic jams that choked Florida's highways, state officials are defending the approach used during Hurricane Irma.

After Hurricane Irma turned more than 6 million Floridians into evacuees, Senate budget drafters are eyeing state reserves as a way to get communities back on their feet quickly. 

The tab for Hurricane Irma keeps rising, and Florida legislators are warning that it could require some tough budget choices for next year.