Hurricane Irma

People who need unemployment assistance after Hurricane Irma might not be getting the help that is available to them.

Howard Webster’s third graders had “first-day jitters” on Sept. 18. But the first day of school had been nearly a month earlier.

Gateway Environmental K-8 Learning Center in Homestead was closed for seven school days because of Hurricane Irma, as were most other schools in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

“With the kids being out so long, it's like starting school all over again,” Webster said during an after-school event shortly after the storm.

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This week, WGCU is answering your questions about development in Southwest Florida in a multi-platform Curious Gulf Coast series. There are a lot of new development issues residents are facing after Hurricane Irma, but the most common one is figuring out what to do after all the trees have fallen.

State officials say they have distributed more than $1 billion worth of food assistance following Hurricane Irma.

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The last shelter for Hurricane Irma in Florida closed over the weekend, and the people who left the shelter are now looking for transitional housing.