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Hurricane Irma is now the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. The Category 5 hurricane is barreling toward Florida with winds in excess of 185 mph. Multiple models show the storm shifting slightly toward the state's east coast, but severe weather is likely across South Florida. A statewide emergency declaration remains in effect Wednesday as communities from the Florida Keys to Marco Island begin evacuations.

The perfect storm

Sep 3, 2017
Anna Vignet / Reveal

Harvey has wreaked havoc on Houston, causing unprecedented rainfall and thousands of evacuations. Last year, Reveal teamed up with the Texas Tribune to investigate why America’s fourth largest city – and one of its biggest energy centers – isn’t prepared for a major storm.

This week, their reporters are back on the ground in Houston for an update on last year’s report. Stay tuned for the latest on the storm.

This year Florida lawmakers changed the way the state building codes are updated. There are concerns the new law could weaken the integrity of Florida homes, in order to cut construction costs. In the wake of Harvey, those concerns are taking on a new significance.

Photo: Lt. Zachary West, Texas National Guard

Monstrous rains from Hurricane Harvey, fresh from dumping more than 50 inches of rain across east Texas and displacing thousands, are now menacing Louisiana. In Southwest Florida, local flooding from a weekend of record rainfall saw hundreds evacuated from their homes. As disasters big and small continue to unfold, those looking to help often face a simple question: what can I do that does the most good?

Photo: Wayne Sallade

In August 2004, Hurricane Charley took an unexpected turn off the Gulf and into Charlotte Harbor, devastating the county and bringing the national spotlight to Florida's Gulf Coast. As Hurricane Harvey ravages east Texas, local reporters and emergency responders are reflecting on the storm and how it changed life in Southwest Florida.