Identity Theft

Attorney General Pam Bondi's office has issued a subpoena to Uber in search of information related to the ride-sharing company's alleged cover-up of a 2016 data breach.

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The Identity Fraud Institute at Hodges University hit the ground running several years ago after a private investigator noticed an uptick in the number of people contacting her to report they’d been targeted. She started working with local law enforcement and efforts toward fraud prevention and educational outreach grew into a partnership with with the University.

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Late last month, Chipotle restaurants across the U.S.  became the latest victim of a cybersecurity hack that stole customers’ credit card information from a number of its stores, including several in South Florida. With such attacks increasingly common, many aren't sure what to do if their card was hacked.

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A new institute in Naples wants to tackle identity theft in the state.  

The Identity Fraud Institute at Hodges University will be used for research and educational purposes. It also wants to partner with organizations to get the word out about potential threats.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be providing identity protection services to all eligible members across the United States by the start of the new year.

The services — which include credit monitoring, fraud detection and fraud resolution — will be available to eligible members for as long as they have a Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance policy.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies provide health coverage to more than 106 million members.