John Morgan

Morgan Pours Money Into Medical Pot Effort

Jul 14, 2015

A political committee leading a renewed effort to pass a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana raised nearly $293,000 in June, with about $233,000 of the money coming from an Orlando law firm headed by prominent trial attorney John Morgan, according to a newly filed report.

The committee, People United for Medical Marijuana, is spearheading an effort to pass a medical-marijuana ballot initiative in November 2016, after narrowly failing to pass a similar constitutional amendment in 2014.

John Morgan Gears Up For Medical Marijuana Fight

Apr 7, 2015
Mark via Flickr Creative Commons

A new quinnipiac poll shows strong support for medical marijuana in Florida. But will it be enough to get a revised constitutional amendment passed? WMFE's Matthew Peddie talks to Orlando attorney and outspoken advocate for medical marijuana John Morgan.

Morgan: Medical Marijuana Fight Not Over

Nov 6, 2014
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Medical marijuana has always been a personal issue for John Morgan. His brother, who is a paraplegic, uses it. At a press conference at his law office the day after the amendment failed, Morgan vowed to get medical marijuana legalized in the Sunshine State come 2016.

Morgan apologized for the loss, but said it was the first battle in a war he plans to win.

“A guy called me today and said his son got up - who really was counting on this, they go back and forth to California to get it - he said Dad did we win Amendment 2? He said no we didn’t, he started crying. Which made me cry.”