Utility companies in Florida are allowed to charge customers for power plants that may never be built. 
It’s allowed under a law passed in 2006. A challenge to the law is now before the Florida Supreme Court.

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy wants the law overturned. Utilities like Florida Power and Light and Progress Energy can charge customers up front for the cost of possibly building nuclear reactors.

Alliance Attorney Gary Davis says the utilities are collecting the money even though they haven’t shown any plans to build nuclear plants.

Prison Health Privatization Opponents Threaten Suit

Sep 12, 2012

Another lawsuit over prison health care looms between the state Department of Corrections and the union representing state workers.

Wednesday, the Legislative Budget Commission will take up a state move to outsource health care and pharmaceuticals to private vendors.

The panel will consider a DOC request to transfer $58 million within its budget so that Wexford Health Sources can provide care at South Florida prisons and Corizon in the rest of the state.

Florida Justices to Decide State Workers Pension Case

Sep 7, 2012

Can the State of Florida require its employees to contribute to their own retirement plan? Oral arguments on both sides of that question were waged this morning before the Florida Supreme Court.

Lawmakers began requiring employees pay 3 percent of their salaries last year to cover part of their pension. Several unions and almost two dozen employees sued saying the requirement violated their contracts and collective bargaining rights.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has responded to a lawsuit filed against it Monday by Earthjustice alleging that it is violating state laws governing water quality.

The Corps controls water releases from Lake Okeechobee that flow down the Caloosahatchee River into coastal estuaries. The federal lawsuit alleges the way the Corps manages those releases is creating environmental havoc, health issues and impacting quality of life.

Mike Dove

Earth Justice filed a federal lawsuit Monday on behalf of the Florida Wildlife Federation, the Environmental Confederation of Southwest Florida and the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.